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Happy Spring everyone!

Just wanted to announce that Swope League starts up again one week from today, 4/2/13.  If you have any questions/suggestions, please contact me. 

Van S.

Start time? Pumped for Swope league again!

Good call...sorry about that.  Sunset for that date will be approximately 7:45pm.

I will be there by 5pm and start sending groups out at 5:30.  I will send the last group out by 6:00.  I WILL keep the groups small to keep the flow going.  This will be the norm for the first couple of weeks; by mid-April, sunset should be closer to 8:00pm and start time will be 6 for the rest of the summer.

I plan to do some random draw dubs/bring your own partner dubs throughout the summer.  I also plan on some "All In" Bag Tag rounds (with plenty of notice, Jack).  Any other suggestions would be welcome and can be implemented with some advance notice.

I am looking forward to getting back out for some DG action. 

Thanks all,


I'll be there tomorrow for some Swope singles action. I am hoping to be recovered from this damn cold, and play the opposite of Saturday's down under round.  ;)

Ken Franks:
whats the ace fund?


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