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Friday Traveling League - 3/29/2013

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I'm out on swope, too. Maybe we should skip the morning. Ill be at cliff around noon and look to run an early card around 12:30. Got me, andrew, and my nephew so far. Would like to have 2 more for skins.

The Nailerâ„¢:
If anyone is down for a quick PC round at roughly 9:30-10am let me know.

The Nailerâ„¢:
Or Rosie.   Just cannot make either time today for the AM or the PM.  If someone wants to squeeze in a round between let me know.  Will play wherever.

8 out in 70 degree weather at Cliff Dr. Ace Fund grows to $173. Keepin it on the cheap 25cent skins all in and tags all in.

Matt H.    61    #59      $18.00
Tony B.    63   #126      $4.00
Harold B.  63  #149      $10.00
Jeff O.      64
Joe T.       65
Mike O.    65
Zack        71
Andrew    76               $4.00

Next week P. Hill 12:30 (let me know if that is too early) Anyone up for morning round?
(Wind, Water, Woods doubs on Sat.)


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