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Rosedale Wide Open 2013


This is the configuration that we will be using for the Wide Open.  We will be needing to have help cleaning everything up.  The course shouldn't be set in tournament configuration until probably after Memorial day weekend, as we want the placements to look fresh and the mulch and everything else at the pins to spotlight the work that we do.  Please plan accordingly to make this the prettiest course it can be for our guests.  I am certain that workdays will evolve soon from this.

1-Long left Trees
2-Short Right
4-Through gap to Right
5-Long Right
6-Far Right Flat
8-Island Short
9-Long right by stairs before the stairs
11-Long right by #12 tee
13-Hill Top Center Circle Drive
15-Middle just behind Tree on right
17-Middle placement Not super long, but before it
18- Long Practice Basket past tennis courts

Other things that will be needing to take notice, are their flags, and the stanchions in good shape, or need repair?  Are the baskets level and in good shape?  I know that we want to work on #1 pad other pads that are worn?

Ken Franks:
Alternate practice pin, used for 18 long, needs replaced...

THanks Tank.  PETE? :o

Peter Bures:
Interesting swapping 17 and 18 on longest pins.

Can't wait!


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