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Water Works Wide Open 2013

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Course information for the Wide Open to be listed below.  Please look and add in here other items that need attention to make this course shine for the event.

There will be more workdays planned I am sure to help make this place a beauty for the guest for the weekend, and the rest of us to use for the rest of the year!!

2-Top of Hill
3-Short Left
4-Urgh.....Peace sign, really don't like rocks cutting up discs there.....
5-Deep by Fence
9-Long left
11-Long Left
12-Long Middle (not across road, by #13 Pad)
13-Long Right
14-Long by Road (Stairs are IB in Wide Open the Road is OB--Paint needed accordingly)
16-Short (Need to clean up wall, and be sure to have clearly marked with OB paint)
17-Peninsula (Again check Wall for OB paint)
18-Long Left up gap

when the good workaday weather returns, i'll soften the peace sign. only the throwers that can't reach it complain about the rocks, but since am masters throw their drivers for upshots trying to reach the circle, the danger factor will be addressed, as i am sure rosies #3 fairway will be soft as a dandelion bloom. ww needs a new ob paint job close to the event < june 2> and 18 new kickass flags, preferably with that new kcwo logo. mike and dave have offered to help ready the course - thank you both. official work day for me will be may 19, could use a truck/trailer and volunteers to start the mulching around pads. if the new flags are in by then, we could install them then.

These placements seem 99% the same as last years event. Can't verify that though...

And I like 4 the way it is. Helps stop roll-a-ways.

Looking forward to the work day!

Spoken like a true leftist b*astard.

I've seen you flick a lid around. Work it into your game!  ;)

On second thought, I'm sure the pin placement decisions are to help the flow of traffic and to prevent wild shots hitting others.


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