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Swope Gold Wide Open 2013

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My poor score  :'(

I'm more of a visual learner.  I'll just hope you put out a map so I have a better appreciation for what I just read.  But I'm pumped for the KCWO at Swope.  Trying to make sure my schedule is empty enough that I might be able to volunteer some time to the event since I respect the field too much to add my game to it.

Mike Hyzer:

--- Quote from: jack on April 07, 2013, 03:44:17 PM ---looking like this for the version this year....
1-Double Mando-Long Position Key Hole OB
2-Short-Need hay bales, OB circle around the green, and bales to force placement shot-Bales 3 High
3-Long pin before road, Keyhole OB style
4-Holes #4-5 long, ob tighter than last year all along the right, inside of #5 bench
5-first hole by house, road OB, and to the right, "water OB", no double mando, long pin
6-Tee by stop sign road entrance to zoo, straight shot back green drop off-(We need a pad poured here)
7-teeing by fence, open fairway towards pin last year, using "water" OB-pin placement moved (Pad & Pin needed)
8-tee by light pole, OB right-(Pad & Pin needed)-Trees need to be raised
9-6 Short
10-7 Island Rules, Double Mando
11-8 Long-OB Clubhouse area
12-Tee #9 to #11 Blue Pin-Mando Tree to left
13-#12 to pin by the road behind rock
14-#13 Long, OB teeing from "island" rules, DZ=Short Pad if not inbounds
15-#14 long Pad to #15 island
16-Tee from Gregory corner to long #16 pin, OB aligns the fairway (need pad)
17-to #15 Blue placement
18-Short pad to #10 Blue placement, OB aligns the fairway

Rocks are ON
PDGA Tent by #3 long all weekend...

Final 9
4 (to 5)
7-9 Short (need to move pin)
8-14 long pad to long pin #14 (need to move pin)
9-18 Long pad-Blue placement (need to move pin) OB will be on sides, but not behind pin, it will align with the regular SWG13.

This isn't set in stone yet, but it is pretty darn close to what this is going to be looking like.

--- End quote ---

Dang, Timko sure did a nice job designing that layout! ;D


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