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I will be out at wyco at 5:00 this evening for the last unofficial league of the year.  Tee off around 5:30 come on out for some spring golf!!!



--- Quote from: Tracy on April 02, 2013, 12:34:42 PM ---Travis will not be there this Friday.  I don't have a league packet, but will be there to wing it for a start by 5:30.

--- End quote ---

What about paint? Do you have paint? Gotta have some paint. Without paint the course is super lame and boring and too easy.  ;D

Have Timko mail ya the packet. It'll be there by Friday if he sends it by tomorrow morning.....  8)

So just to clarify: What time should we be there to check in? The league flyer says we start at 6pm, check in at 5:50. Are we trying to start earlier for the sake of daylight?


--- Quote from: Tracy on March 29, 2013, 11:17:24 AM ---Wyco summer minis start April 5th. Based on Sunset times and the traditionally casual slow play, we should keep start times at 5:30 for the month of April.  We'll switch to 6:00 in May.

Travis, I'll see you out there this evening sometime just after 5:00.

--- End quote ---

There go, Kevin.


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