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At what level do people start competing for bag tags? I am relatively new and I am not sure how to gauge if it would be worthwhile for me to participate. Thanks.

There is no set level to start.  They are in play at every KCFDC league.

any time.  there is no "skill" standard to start playing for bag tags.  tags are a fun way to initiate some competition between you and fellow golfers, particularly if you don't feel ready for leagues or more organized golf.

just be aware, if you play in a league event (league/tournament/etc) and someone else on your card has a tag, you're supposed to be playing for them.  no hoarding a decent tag number because you don't want to lose it.

Thanks for the info. Phisherman, I am 180 degrees opposite. I am worried about being the unanimous highest bag tag, not hoarding a good one. :)

If you've got nowhere to go but up, might as well just start playing for tags! :)


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