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Bracket Busted? Sure it is. BUT...

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KU lives on!!! Tune into disc golf planet this weekend to watch KU, West Virginia, K State and over sixty other teams from across the nation tee it up in the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships in Augusta, Georgia (oddly, still no Mizzou). The really tired, seemingly too old, sorta roundish lookin' player wearing the KU gear - that would be moi. Michigan, Wichita State, Louisville or Syracuse may be in Atlanta with glory in mind, but the real action will be down in Augusta.

If you look past the over-sized and unplugged headset hugging Crazy John's head you should be able to see the course in it's full glory which means there's no need for a review. Tune in and check it out. Action starts on Thursday.


This should be a fun watch on the Planet. kick some ass and rep the crimson and blue- RCJH!

Kansas competed in four head-to-head match ups and won them all. On rivalry day, they took down their powerhouse rival, THE BOBCATS of TEXAS STATE on the Hogback course, beating them by a stroke. The next day, Kansas went up against a lesser known rival (but just as equally impressive in their yellow and red uniforms) THE CYCLONES of IOWA STATE on the Hendrick Hills course, vanquishing the Twirly Birds by three strokes. The Jayhawks rolled into their final team round against a team they tied last year in head-to-head play, THE CRIMSON TIDE of ALABAMA on the Moody Woods course, beating them soundly by four strokes. KU would complete their campaign of disc golf team dominance in the bonus round against this year's dark horse team, THE GAUCHOS of THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SANTA BARBARA on the Old Glory Course, beating them in a walk by seven strokes in an impressive eleven down, bogey free round streamed live on Disc Golf Planet TV.

How many people had Tennessee Tech winning it all in their bracket? Huh? Yeah, me neither.

I'm confused, I always thought you had to be no more than 22-23 to compete in college athletics. What are the requirements for that? Wish I knew about Disc Golf when I was looking looking around for schools to attend!

What are you suggesting Mr. Ian? That I might be TOO old to compete?

I wasn't the oldest competitor there by twenty five years.

There is no age limit qualification that I am aware of. Go to the National Collegiate Disc Golf Association website for more information about qualifying and how to get a team to the tournament. It's changing every year but I'm sure you still qualify.


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