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Friday Glow League Rosedale


The weather is getting warmer, and glow at Rosedale will be in full effect this year. We won't grill out for another two weeks or so, but we will be kicking off the day glow at 7:15 this friday 4-5-13. After a few weeks once we start grilling out the start will be pushed back to 8 o'clock for those fly o'l rosie regular glow parties that i know i came to love last year. Our first official was totaled at 43 people last summer. We are starting earlier this year hoping to generate more buzz for a bigger payout. So if you enjoy the zen golf or just having a good time with friends then consider making it down to the dale of roses sometime.

All for now i'll keep ya updated.


The Bird Father: this always singles?

Ever do Bring your own partner?  None of those leagues around here....

Scott A Reek:
It's actually always random draw doubles. During summer weeks we do pro am cause the turn out is larger. During winter months we just do straight up random. Ladies duos get the usual handicap and then of course a duo such as pro/pro get a handicap as well just to make it fair. Numbers weren't that large this winter it was a regular devout group of usually 8-10 plus myself. Our first summer league turned out 43 last June though. I'm sure that we will get quite a turn out this year as we get warmer and start cooking out prior to league again. I will keep it fresh though this year and pick a few weeks sprinkled in the middle and post ahead of time, where we will do something such as singles or bring your own partner. I even thought about a triples glow midsummer when we do our pre-round cookouts. But I will ask around on what the league patrons would like to see. I just want everyone to come out and have fun.

Glow will go on this friday April 19, 2013 as scheduled at 7pm. Lights are available for purchase as usual.



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