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Matt Perry-54=$12
Matt Crowe-58=$5
Jordan Hinck-58=$5
Joe Hesting-58=$5 (I owe you)
Jose Ossa-59=Many missed putts.....too many, it was a tough night to watch...
Adam Cossette-60=Jack, just because I didn't cash, I mean really, still give me credit for being there...
Scott Melrose-61=My shoes are light, it's ok!
Lee Killian-63=IDK, he was gone so fast it was crazy
Loomis-66=Well, at least I didn't get beat by Jack tonight, geesh...

G$-64=$4 (I will spend it for you and the skins money I didn't give you nicely somewhere else now!)
Jack Lowe-67=YEOUCH, I had so many 5's I thought that I was at the massage parlor with all those hand jobs...
Ted Keith-68=One of these days I am going to figure out where everything is on this course...

Andy Portwood-67=$7
Rob Martin-71=$4
Ryan Westa-75=Wow, I really threw a lot more than you guys.  In fact, I made better use of my money because I threw it more than anyone else.  Did I mention that I learned the rule that I can rethrow from anywhere and only have to add a stroke to my score.  This will clearly allow me the chance to throw more often than you in the future as well.

I would like to thank everyone that showed up.  Next week we will be back at Cliff Drive.  I'd like to be teeing off no later than 5:45, and will attempt to be there by 5 again.  We did good last night, with the last group being a 5-some that tees off at 5:30, as we finished in twilight, no lights were needed.

The one perk of dropping a duece on a league round. No reason to stick around. ;D

It must be embarassing for the masters age players to be beaten down by a grandmaster.  ;D

Is this going rolling start tonight?

we may not have league.  We got a ton of rain, and I don't want to trudge through the course destroying the holes.  There was over an inch of rain last night in my area.  With the ground this wet, and the possibilities of rain today, leaning towards shutting it down this week.  otherwise I will be out there by 5:30.  We should be fine for a pretty close to 6:00 tee time on the course though.  I am pretty well done with rolling starts now at this league.  Maybe 5:45.....maybe.....


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