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Hey guys and gals!

Ever wonder what your KCFDC Number is? Has the thought of letting your KCFDC membership expire been keeping you up at night?

I've consolidated our fine data and made it available for viewing!

Current Membership List

Thank You Utz!!!

What a list.  Its awesome the number is up to 1548.  Whatever happened to Jeff and Melissa Spoon? Actually several people I wonder what happened to them.
I think it would be neat seeing the year the person first became a member or years as a member. I'm curious exactly the year I first joined.

So for those of us that don't know, what is the black line through people's name mean?

Kudos on the list, join date would be cool if you had it.

Rob, I believe the grey line through a member means they have passed on to a place where every drive is in the fairway, and the first putt goes in.

Yeah I've got a somewhat complete listing of when each member entered the database. I'll add that to the page.

It's a lovely compilation of history data. 3 cheers for the KCFDC!


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