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Online Registration is up and running. Please note that we added a place for you, the player to sponsor a hole this year for $25. Damon referenced this above and Disc Golf Scene made it easy for us to make this happen. If you elect this sponsorship, a custom sign will be made for the hole, referencing you as the sponsor. You will be able to keep this sign after the event is completed. Make sure if you have a special hole request, you PM either Damon or myself with the details.

Here's the link to sign up!

PRE-REGISTER FOR The Des Moines Challenge Presented by G&L Clothing

You know you want to go if you have been there....If you haven't been there, you have heard that you should go, and this should happen....if you are reading this for the first time, and are wondering about Des Moines Disc Golf, then click the link above an plan on playing it.  This event is a fun time on four great courses.  Sad, that we won't get Ewing due to construction, but heard that last year.....Still should be a fun time!

This is a "must play" tournament.


Haven't played up there in a few years but they are great courses.

no Ewing this year

Which is sad, but longs from Grandview will be a trip down memory lane for you get Pickard (Indianola) which since the revision for Worlds in 2004 is a fan favorite, shots 700' and shots 220' all in the same round, rolling hills, OB in tough tight places, (#18 is either over 800, or right at it, start up a hill, play along the hill, then you find the pin is located in a nestle of bushes that you can only get to one way....oh, and just to the right of the pin, is a big water OB hazard about 30' away.....)  Then Grandview, which is one of the oldest courses in Des Moines, heavily used Rec park, (think Rosedale) but the golf is pretty closely guarded by old mature trees, and some tight lines on fairways, with splashes of openness that looks to be inviting only to be just slightly off.....

Then on Sunday it appears as though it will be Walnut Creek with the redesigns there, the only thing is that we will probably still play #9 from the short tee....(GRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrr..........), open yes, tight yes, clean lines, yes, hills, elevation, yes, tunnel shot, is a fun course...there is then Big Creek- Le' Freak.....tight tunnels, and punishing OB's abound on most every shot.  I personally love this course more than most in Des Moines, and will get shot for saying so, but it is golf as I like it.  miss a line, feel the pain.....

I can't wait.


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