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Water Works League - 04/18/2013

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Looks like its going to be a sloppy one tomorrow with all the rain we've seen. If the storm is howling, and we see thunder and hear lightning, we'll have to call it off. Otherwise, we wont be pulling any Cliff-Drivery here; I'll be at Water Works at 5:30. It will be a game time decision. If you have any doubt about coming out PM me, or call me. both choices will reach me on my cell.

 I-35 N. bound before the downtown loop currently sucks. Keep that in mind as you travel into the Northland from any South/West location

Here are the stats through two weeks:
2013 Water Works Master Stats

Updated financials means the WW ace fund is at $690! For anyone who didnt get KC Kash on 4/4 or 4/11, I will have it for you tomorrow, or the next time I see you :)


I agree....but then I don't mind get lambasted about it personally, and being called out for trying to do the "right" thing.

It is a cold a ugly day out there today, tomorrow will be sunny and Saturday will be sunnier.....go spend time with those you like indoors today...

Erosion still happens even if 6-16 people play league tonight. If we never played when its wet, when would we play? It's game on. I've never heard of league getting called, just because its "too wet"

In all seriousness, how would a few of us out there playing contribute to the erosion, any more than on a normal day??

Utz, picture this...hole 6. Your behind a tree. You need to throw a forehand but your foot slips on release. INSTANT erosion

meh.. I guess. Well what about the golfers who throw rollers on dry days. they're leaving an evil little trail of erosion with every foot of roller distance. Plus I think the erosion around the tee pad and pin is the real issue here.

My point is, if the erosion is in such a danger situation that we cant have a league night because of saturated wetness, we need to find an actual long term solution. Fortifying pins and greens, moving holes, redesigning holes.. I don't know though, I'm not the pro here like a Jackie Blowe or Tracy Stalker  ::)

Plus if Water Works washed away tomorrow, how would you feel knowing you never got to say goodbye to her one last time tonight?? eh?


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