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Classic Judges Wanted

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Did you try the Classic Judge?

Was it not the putter for you?

Sell or trade them to me!

Hard or Soft?

Classic! The stiff ones!

Yo Cooper.  I've got a handful of firm First Runs I'm looking to sell.  Let me know of any interest.  Here's what I've got:

First Run Firm Red - 9/10 - Just some practice basket tosses
First Run Firm Ice Blue 7/10 - Very faded, almost undetectable wiped flight plate ink (Why you'd ink there, I don't know...)
First Run Firm Ice Blue 7/10
First Run Firm White - 10/10

A couple softs, but I think you're only looking for the hards.

Yeah, interested. You only looking for cash or maybe some plastic?


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