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Shame-so many should feel it....

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So here is a great story......As I had indicated earlier in the week last week, I had planned to go out and do some of the work needed to continue with the new addition to Cliff Drive Disc Golf Complexion....I assumed that I would be working out there by lonesome, because, well let's face it, most of you reading this aren't getting up at 8 am on a Saturday to show up at Cliff Drive to work on a course. (Notably, most I indicated, some of you would...)  So I do this, I get up to the area that I want to continue to work on, and as I pull in, a bobcat is there pulling and collecting debris from the area that I have been working on.  I think to myself....hmmmmm.......that's cool, I wonder who that is doing this...great.....I pull a little closer, and it has the KCMO signatures on it.  I think to myself, well that is odd, did I sleep until Monday?  I know it is Saturday right?  So I get up there, and start talking with the driver.  He indicated to me that he was being pro-active and wanted to get moving on some of this. I was in awe!  Then he stated, "Everyone else is over on the other hillside.", I was really confused at this point.

So I hop back in my car and discover that a church (Redemption KC) has organized a workday focusing in the area.  They have over 100 volunteers that come in and clean and work and make a difference in the park.

Combined with the helpers of about 8-10 on the new area, and other areas of the park, it is looking good.  It does though beg the question though how come a church can get 100 people to the park to help, and we are having trouble getting 5......

I for one am ashamed that we aren't working stronger in our parks, and I ask that each of you plan on helping with the organized workdays coming up as we get ready to host our guests for the Wide Open.  Not only will it help the event, but we are the benefactors for months to come with the effort of the work we put in.  Sure it looks good on the weekend of the Wide Open, but after they leave town, it looks good for us in the future as well.

I tell, I was in awe of the folks out there doing work for the community to feel good about it.  Almost none of them lived in or around the area.  I was saddened by the knowledge that this group that has no affiliation with the area was able to make an impact that I feel we should as a collective group, but many times don't.

I do understand that this is a work that goes beyond the effort of one weekend, but when we have the efforts of a few dedicated, we will make this venue better, and many others.

They got a great deal done towards my own goals for the course, and I challenge you to help where they left off.

My other thought is to leave the club and join the church, as at least they seem to have people that care about things that may not matter to their local area, but matter the community they live in.  Kansas City.......

Mike Hyzer:

--- Quote from: jack on April 22, 2013, 12:57:49 PM --- It does though beg the question though how come a church can get 100 people to the park to help, and we are having trouble getting 5......

--- End quote ---

Duh, it's because the KCFDC is comprised of God-less heathens. ;D

Why should the good deeds of another group be used to shame this group?

Can't we just laud their efforts, be proud of our community and carry on?

Which Redemption was it in KC? I found two websites:

I think, whichever one it was, we should send them some gratitude.

I agree Coop, and I already did that, and thanked them quite a bit.

The fact remains though that we aren't stepping up as much as we should, and that is the shame that i am attempting to put in front of people.  We need to do more, and we are big enough that we should be able to do more.

It isn't something that they will use, it is something that we will use, and therefore I feel that we as a collective group of over 300 active members, and over 1500 total members should be pushing each other to make it better.

Had I not posted this information none would be the wiser, and as we move forward without doing our fair share in the park, we will lose that respect, and trust with our parks partners, which will enable them to not care as much about the efforts of our club as they will be sporadic.  We need to be a driving force within our parks, or we need to get out.

I for one am at that point.  I am old, and have been doing work now in KC for about 15 years on the courses/grants/behind/in front of the scenes.  I am tired of it.  I won't be doing this much longer, and I don't see anyone else pushing people to try to gain traction to get it done.

If I don't do it who is going to?  Other organizations?  Rely on the P&R?

I have designed and/or worked on 10 courses in the area over the last 9 years.  Only Theiss, and Dick have really helped in that regards with the developmental aspect of it, but beyond courses, it has been getting things in place for the future so that people can carry the torch forward.

I don't see it happening, and it saddens me.  Until our little snobby group of players get out and do the work needed and get their fingers dirty, pick up trash in areas, not in my back yard, we won't continue to move forward. 

Instead it is where can I play.  So as we move forward who is going to be doing that?  Who is going to be leading that?  At this point I have helped to write grants, helped to bring in worlds, helped to keep NT's in KC with a very few dedicated individuals.  I mean a few dedicated folks.  I spend on average probably close to 300-400 hrs a year at meetings about ensuring our place at the table.  You know who I don't see, others in the disc golf community.......

I am tired of looking around feeling as though it is something that a group does, and then the group doesn't do it.

Prove me wrong is what I am asking.  Prove me wrong, show me that our collective disc golf group is willing to coordinate and get 8-10 people out at each course for 4-6 hours of work a couple times before the wide open.  That you will attend P&R meetings, neighborhood meetings, etc...to showcase what they are talking about and how we are a part of the vision moving forward.

Joining the club is easy, throwing money at the club to support it is harder, but easier, giving your time to the cause to ensure longevity is what I am talking about, and that is where my gripe stems from currently.

I am sure that it will change as well about what I want to gripe about

Mike Hyzer:

--- Quote from: Cooper on April 22, 2013, 02:35:45 PM ---Why should the good deeds of another group be used to shame this group?

--- End quote ---

Yeah, Jack! This group could have easily been shamed without mentioning another group!


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