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Liberty work days at Stocksdale Park

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john theiss:
First official work day will be this Sunday, April 28th at 10am at Stocksdale Park.  Bring your big bad self and if no tools, then that is fine.  I have plenty of things to use. 

I will also be heading up this Thursday, April 25th at 5:00 if the weather holds out.

contact me at

john theiss:
i will be out working tonight if anyone in the north land would like to join me.  i will be there by 5. 

Can't help....but this is very helpful as I am getting some new tools to work on the new section John....
  After 7 years of removing and killing honeysuckles, I have come up with some cool ways to kill ones too big to remove with the Popper. The reason these methods work is because bush honeysuckles do not and cannot sprout from buried roots. I put that in bold letters to drive home the point. Honeysuckle does not shoot out root suckers. Its true, and that fact makes killing bush honeysuckle not as difficult as some may think. In my 5 years of observations, I have yet to see a root sprout coming from more than an inch of soil. It’s the vine type honeysuckle that can do that. The shrubs cannot. On the other hand- bush honeysuckles can and will sprout from any part of the stump or roots that are left exposed to air.

Heres a tip you probably dont know: You can kill a honeysuckle stump simply by putting a pile of dirt on top of it. 

So I am going to be starting to carry a bag of potting soil with me to test this out, but I have been reading and attempting to do what this guy says over the last few years.....

john theiss:
that is great to know.  i have some areas that i lined out for folks to cut the honeysuckle and pull it.  i was just going to have the person pour Tordon on the tip.  i was also thinking about an idea similar to yours this past week.  the extensive mtn bike and walking trails in this park have encountered these issues and they have to work the stump out in order to have nice dirt path.  i was thinking of getting my mavic super sharp and using that to get the stump to grade level.  Then put on tordon. And now i will try to add dirt over the stump. 

thanks for the tip. 

The stumps are the issue, it is the sprouts off the stump, but seeing/reading this made sense to those of us that have been battling the plant removal.  It makes a lot of sense.  Also states that it takes about 2-3 years for any stump over 8 yrs old to disintegrate, which I find about right as well.  THe older it is, the longer it takes.

I bought a couple of the tools from the guy I have been on the fence, but now that I am really going to be wanting to carve out new areas I really felt the need to get this item and try it out.  If it works, then i will suggest it on you, but I need to try it first.


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