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"Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts."

-Henri Frederic Amiel

I would like to propose that we start making an even more concerted effort to thank those who do work for our courses. I know that many people already take the time to thank them personally but I think it would be cool if, when we hear about a non-DG group doing work either on our courses or in the bigger parks around them that we have a couple people (or however many) that feel moved to drop them a nice email to say thanks.

I would also like to propose a few ground rules:
1. I think we should mostly limit it to "Thank you" and "your help in the parks and the greater community is greatly appreciated". Obviously write it yourself and use your own words but I think it should be simple, sweet, and to the point.
2. If they respond and ask us for more ideas for volunteerism we connect them with either the course coordinator or one of the Club's officers. I think it makes the most sense that they would have a better idea where more work could be done and would have more authority.
3. We should also be grateful without expectation. Don't expect them to respond or be floored by our outreach. Don't expect them to offer to do more work. Our goal should merely be to let them know that it means a lot to us. They can figure out what they want from there.
4. We should also refrain from endorsing or denouncing any particular ideology. Don't like that a Church helped us out because you are a militant atheist? You don't have to say thanks and if you do don't do it in a back-handed way. Don't like that the Boy Scouts built us a bridge because of their stance on gay troopleaders and scouts? Either don't write them a message or keep it grateful and gracious. Don't like that a community organizer set up the volunteerism because all community volunteering is the work of communism? Either don't write them or keep it grateful and gracious.

I am torn on whether we should make new threads for each thing we hear about to increase visibility or keep it to this thread. I'll let people either debate that or someone with more experience than me make that call.

This is a great idea.  It is really nice to see positive vibes on the forum.  If you are moved to write a letter then yes, please do so. 

When I first started playing I was obviously not aware of the club. I saw Tom Utter doing some pin placement work on Up top Rosedale hole 15 by the cliff and next to the tree. I helped him do some of the work. He then told me about the club. But I did quite a lot of work for the club before I was a member due to lack of funds to pay fees.
Historically I would say James Wallace deserves great honors for his efforts.Buckle and Jack is on my list plus several honorable mentions that are too many to name.

This one died early!!

My intention was actually that if anyone heard anything about a non-DG person doing work on or around our courses that they would post about it so that whoever felt so moved could say thanks.

I would assume no one has heard anything about random work done so it wouldn't have stayed up on here or been posted about elsewhere till that happens.


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