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Out of Bounds at Swope


What is the consensus on where the out of bounds line is, where rocks are defining out of bounds?  Is the line on the outside of the rocks or on the inside of the rocks?

It depends on what you are asking for.

If for the KCWO, there will be either paint or string to clearly delineate the OB.

If for league, the league director should clearly call which way it plays.

If for casual, just agree in advance. Typically a good rule is that whatever you agree on goes and if there is some doubt give the benefit of the doubt to the player (i.e. if it is highly questionable if in or out play it as in).

Rule of thumb is the outer edge of the roc is considered OB...but yes benefit to the player on this.  Cooper is correct it will be defined during the wide open.

Outer edge of the rocks. The Wide Open should have paint and not string. That would be an outrageous amount of string. Also, paint can't be manipulated.

The OB is going to be hotly debated on certain holes at the Wide Open and making sure there is paint down will eliminate a lot of headaches. There is so much mixed grass/gravel around the temp holes and holes 14 and 15 that it would be wise to paint lines.

OB during league? Swope should all be island greens during league.


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