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Donate discs for a high school team

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I organized a neighborhood garage sale for Saturday May 4th. I have several discs plus some other crap somebody might need. If you want directions and details on discs and my crap. Please PM me.

Sounds crappy.

discs are a new champ glow roc 177g, new R Pro Roc 176g, Discraft Elite Z Talon 167g, a few new and used dx rocs, Discraft Crush 173g, Gateway soft wizard 172g slightly concaved and I decided to sell a Rhino. I'll take bids on the 174g Rhino $5 starting bid please. Very well worn starter Innova bag can hold 12 - 14 discs. PLUS I now have a larger display of relic and interesting discs and sports memorabilia to view in the man cave. Grilled dogs , carmelized onions, condiments, chips and drinks. I'll have a couple portable baskets set up.  Garage sale items are space heater, chair cushions, bath stool, chain saw, hedge clippers, trailer tires, 2 wheeler, lawn mower, golf clubs and bags, old watches, few antiques, kids clothes and toys, girls bike w/ trailing wheels, New 10x10 First Up replacement top, vintage stuffed animals. And much more. This is more than a sale. Its an event.

I had better than expected traffic. I had some discs and a bag for sale and a lady asked me about them. Then she said there was a course by McLouth High School and the coach was looking to form a team. Pretty cool news I thought. I'm waiting to hear from the coach to see if I can help by donating some discs and sell him some at discount and my time to help teach techniques.

I noticed on another post that people may have  plastic to donate to a school team. I'm looking to ask the coach in McLouth if they need some discs for the team he's building. Please let me know if anyone can help.


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