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4/29/13 League Results

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It is going to be a wonderful evening for disc golf and I look to rebound from that horrendous showing this weekend....Looking forward to having a bunch of us out there.  I should be there ~5:30 to get us moving along!


Well, it was a windy one from the onset, and the course had quite a few casuals out there enjoying the weather as well.  We started with 16 players, but only 13 14 now, getting closer all of them now......scores were turned in.  I am awaiting the last three for "official results".  Even though this is a PDGA league, I don't plan on assessing 2 penalty strokes per player for not turning in the scorecard within 20 minutes.
Are the results as they stand right now.  Uncertain that will change drastically as they come in or not.
Dick Parker-55=$12
Joe Hesting-56=$9
Jose Ossa-57=$6
Zeke Henry-59
Kevin"Im just doing the CorBOT"-60
Derrick Holt-61
TJ Barnes-66
Matt Crowe-67
Steve Thimmesch-71
Matt Crowe
Derrick Holt
Steve Thimmesch

Jack Lowe-54=$9 (Yeah I am that good.....)
Peter Cashen-56
Jamie Danger-57

Tony Burnett-65=$8 in KcKash (Because he stayed and received it)
Ryan Westa-65=$7 in KcKash (Down at DGW so when you get your disc you can buy more)
Andy Portwood-67
Rob Martin-69

Reminder next week is going to be at Blue Valley, I want us to try to tee off by 5:45 and in threesomes, I ma uncertain if we are playing "Big Blue" or the Inner Course at this point....With 15 of the 16 getting in the Ace fund, it moves above $300 to a total of $304 heading out to Blue Valley next week.  I will update after I get the missing three scores as well.

How do you have a score for Matt Crowe and no score for Matt Crowe at the same time?

oh i got this analogy parker, i have a ryan westa beer in my cooler, but i'll feel guilty when i drink it so i'm putting it off for an hour so if he were to want it back officially then i would have a beer and not have a beer at the same time or trade a beer back to him at a later date


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