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Blue Valley League Night-5/6/13

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Well, I am uncertain if I can get there by 5:30 to play on the Big course, and get everyone going.  I should be there close to it though, and if we can get 3-somes going by 5:30, we should have enough time to play the big course.  I can play it generally in 2 1/2 hours if I don't doddle.  So if someone wants to step up and take names and $$$ until I get there, I think that the big course is on tonight boys.  If no one responds, then it will be "inner course" for all.

Dear Jack,

I will get there at 5 to get things started, so cards can go off at 5:30!!  All I need is the amounts for all divisions.

Ryan Keck

Jake B:
I planned on going, but I doubt I'll be able to get there before 5:30. Will I still be able to get on a card? Otherwise I'll stay out here and play PC.

Bill the TD:
Are we going to play the inner or outer.

Ryan, from Jack's original post: Looks like $6 for KCFDC members, and $7 for non-members.

--- Quote ---PDGA League in 2013
$1-PDGA/Cliff Drive Tree Fund (the PDGA gives back 1/2 of the $1 to the local club, this will remain in Cliff Drive Tree Fund)
-$1 discount for club members (Thus $6 for Current members or $7 for non-current Members deduct $1 if you don't want in the ace fund)
--- End quote ---

I have the same question as Jake,

If I arrive at 5:45, 5:55 at the latest, will I still be able to play? I cant make it any earlier..5:40 is about the earliest I can get it.


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