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I'm a teacher with a small class. I have two classes and the students spend 2 1/2 hours a day for 2 years with me, FUN, FUN ,FUN. ;D 
At the end of every year, my second year students have a BBQ. This is my last 2 year program, I'm switching programs. Me and the kids throw disc around all the time and we have a nice grassy area we throw in.

 Here's the deal:
I would like to have a mini tournament for all my students this year to finish off my last year in this program. I'm going to buy each kid a disc and was thinking a mid-range , maybe a Mako. I'll grill some dogs some time in there.

Would Swope be a good course?  Putter vs. Mid-range?  No more then 20 of us, so would a small tourney be OK with the regular players? Should I have a few experienced players to help?

If any one has any idea's , I'm open.
I think the kids will have fun and who knows what will come of this.

Swope. Yes. When? I am sure the gulley course could get some experienced and into education golfers to help out. You'd probably only need 3 or 4 people to help with such a small group. How many rounds? Picnic/BBQ midday with some disc related activities?
Depending on when it is, I can help.

Sounds like Ekolk stated...depending on when, I would love to help out with this type of thing.

Makos are a great easy disc.  I carry one all the time.
May possibly get some 2011 Ace Race Discraft Zeppelins new and/or cheap. 

Sounds like a great idea.  Please put a couple of potential dates on the forum to ensure the course isn't closed for a tournament.


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