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stubborn puppet:
I'm from out of town, but a buddy and I just got home from a whirlwind tour of the KC area courses this Saturday and Sunday (Cliff Drive, Water Works, Blue Valley, Rosedale Top, Down Under and Wilbur Young)... and I wanted to tell you folks that I thought Wilbur Young was everything a disc golf course should be, especially being so new.  It's so scenic, carefully designed for the space and very, very well kept.

With the exception of never being able to find basket 12 (I'm sure it's out there somewhere, but either the signage is wrong or I wandered past it 10 times during the 20 minutes I looked for it), it's just great.

Thanks to all who designed, built and maintain this gem.  Can't wait to come back.

12 has 2 placements...theyre both to the left after you clear the opening...when its short hyzer when its long hyzer flip.lol... its kinda shaggy there so i bet it gets mowed before wednesdays league sometime.

stubborn puppet:
Ooops, I just had a chance to look at the map and I think it was basket 10 that we couldn't find.  We teed off with a RHFH that flew over the dock at the pond and in to the right, uphill, past the trees.  I walked around the cluster of trees on both sides... and all around the pond... and over the hill on the north side of the pond.  I just couldn't find it.

12 we found just fine.

Thanks anyhow.  Don't let this fantastic park ever become anything less than it is, "world class".

10's short placement is right on the water's edge, just over.  the long placement is about 150 past that, down the hill to the north.

#stubborn puppet  thanks bro! the yungle is super BA! glad you enjoyed it.


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