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Blue Boss in the Grass at Blue Valley


stubborn puppet:
I'm really hoping for your help on this one folks.

I played Blue Valley on Saturday, May 11, and had some kind of black hole or temporary wormhole swallow a Boss on HOLE 11 (down low in the little cove).  It's a Blue champ with a custom stamp from the 2012 St. Louis Disc Golf Club's Club Championship.  That disc is special: not only am I the one who designed the stamp, but it's also my wife's favorite driver.

Please, help my disc find it's way home to St. Louis.  Rick at Disc Golf World said he'd ship it to me with an order if someone brings it to him.  It has "Becca, 314-302-8204" written on the rim.  If you see it, please call that number.  Thanks!

stubborn puppet:
Still getting gentle reminders from the wife about this disc... thought I'd give the topic a bump and see if anyones seen it around.  I'm sure it's been found by now, just hoping it was by someone who turned it in.
thanks in advance.

Found this Disc, taking to Disc golf world tomorrow

stubborn puppet:
YES!  All the good Karma in the world for you.


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