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Find me on league night


I have a bunch of stuff for sale/trade that I'll bring with me tonight to PC league. I also try to hit at least one more league every week and play plenty of practice rounds... meet me at the course or at league and take a look.

I'll look at pretty much anything, but some of my "wants" include: Rocs, Destroyers, Firebirds, maybe a beefy eagle or teebird. Also looking to try out some short range overstable stuff (gator, whippet, ??)....but like I said "I'll pretty much look at anything"


Or find me!

Dang. Out of town this week. Save me the good stuff!

I'll be at WYco this evening for league and have plenty of good stuff... Along with some beaters.
I'll be there a little early if anyone is interested.


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