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Grass Problem

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Kelly Markum:
So Legacy Park has really been falling behind on mowing the grass. I believe they mowed the course for the first time 2 weeks ago. The rough is 2'-3' tall & the fairways are 1'-3' tall.  They mow some fairways only 20' wide (Hole#5,7,8) . Even if you keep it in the fairways you are still looking for 5-10 min to find your disc & you saw where it went. I saw the lawn company that mows Legacy out there tonight but they only mowed the edge of the walking paths, shelter houses, & playground areas. Lastly on hole 17 I dang near stepped on a snake walking through 3' grass in the fairway. I don't think keeping the grass cut will make snakes go away but at least i would  have a chance of seeing it before i put my hand down to pick up a disc & get bit or something.

My question is does the Club have any pull or weight to say WTH. It was really annoying the whole round having to search for your disc after throw but seeing that snake made me think it is really a pretty big safety risk too.

I'm not speaking for the club, but I ran league out there a couple years ago and it took alot of effort to just get the baskets moved. Last I knew they only mow the course a few times a year. Dan Coffman and others can attest  to the problem we face with lsp&r. They think the course is just fine the way it is and don't want to put anymore money into it.

I like that they started mowing all of the back section on 7&8 a couple years back...the weather has been crazy for mowing. i bet they get it cut very soon.

Jake B:
Dan said on Friday that he would contact Scott at LSPR and see what the hold up is on the mowing schedule.

Just waiting for a west sider to put a plug in here telling us to keep it in the fairway and it wouldn't be an issue. I agree, true statement. But the count is still 1-0. And the horse is already dead, quit beatin it!


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