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Lost and found


I lost a 2003, one time Barry Shultz Beast down the hill on hole 5 last night. I was dumb and went for the tunnel on the left and glanced off a tree. Looked for about 30 minutes last night and another 15 tonight. Im hopefull its still down there, im not prepared to lose that disc. Name and number on on it. If anyone comes across please pm or call. It will be very difficult to replace.

Also found a red r pro boss (name M Mills) while looking tonight. Its in the in the lost and found box at the park.

That's Mark Mills, just an FYI....giggity....I'm sure he'll be a happy camper. ;)

thanks wags,but i must have gave that disc away some time ago,to who? who knows,but thanks anyway

No worries, it was way down the hill. I was looking deep.


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