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Water Works League - 05/16/2013



Jack Lowe, you're the big winner in the Old Guys division. $10 coming your way.

Here are the stats through last week:
2013 Water Works Master Stats
It's sorted as such that the contestants with the most weeks are listed first

ACE fund at $789 for this week. for 5/23 Ace Pool grows to $818

wow...your reporting of the league is geektastic! (compliment)

THanks Rob!  :P

Teddy Keith had master sheet too, and it's always fun to look at. Well, if you're into that sorta thing.

Will you ever be able to make it out for League Night?

maybe after Cliff Dr PDGA is over...
Now, if there was a Water Works PDGA Leage, that would be double sweet.

would like to see this sheet up on the marquee ala Teddy style.

I won't be in attendance to make a grasp at my money this week though, Des Moines is calling me up.


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