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New Course Potential in Prairie Village

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A fellow co-worker of mine who lives in PV sent me this link and thought I'd share.  Does anyone know who put this in the minds of PV parks and rec?  Or, is disc golf actually gaining traction in our parks and rec departments just by word of mouth?

It looks to be just a little dinker course, but that's how it all begins!  I'll never forget my first days at William Yates!

P.S. Anyone who has a Facebook account should go to bat on these negative disc golf comments below the article...

As a Mission resident, this would be a very welcomed addition to the area - 9 holes or not.  Rosedale is great, but attempting to play solo is generally frustrating due to how busy it is during all hours of the day.

Based on the comments it seems the suburban moms aren't aware of any of the benefits disc golf.  :(

I sure hope the plan goes through!

I just posted on the article.  They were questioning if was really that high of demand.  Feel free to add additional comments.  You're right Adam, they don't necessarily know what they are talking about and we need to help educate them... as nicely as possible. 

Kevin Montgomery:
I zoomed in on a satellite image of the area and it looks like an excellent place for a nine-hole course. I expect it would get played a lot year-round.

I used to hang out in that park after school back in the day throwing the ultimate disc around, that was about the only action that land ever got.


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