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KC Wide Open 2013 Courses and Pin Settings.

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Flying J:
Could we please get all the baskets moved to their tournament pin placements now, please?  All except Swope of course, that just can't be done yet.  I will gladly come out and help move the baskets at every course.  Course managers, PM me.

I dont think we're moving them til about a week before. We'll be working on most of the 'greens' and we dont want folks trampling them, or otherwise disturbing them. these are words from Jack. He could tell you better.

There area  few tweaks on Rosedale, but WW is set, and I think that BV should be set (i'll go look tonight) and Swope I want to get in a good setting this weekend if possible before the East championship.  Can we just change that to the Missouri Cup already?

I'm okay calling it the Missouri Cup.

Did anyone notice if Rosedale was set in the correct positions last night?  I was too busy watching a red tire get blown out to make it to league as I was hopeful for.


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