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05-20-13 PC MINI
« on: May 27, 2013, 10:33:00 AM »
Thirteen fine frisbee flingin fellows out on a beautiful Monday evening in Olathe, which is in the Shawnee first nation's peoples language, beautiful place. Temps in the mid seventies, with 12 mph SW wind is how it was.

OPEN (eight)
Shanan Carson           55 for $12
Kevin Zane                  56 for $9
Mike Davis                   57 for $3
Andy Lewis                  58
Matt Jenkins                58
Steve Thimmesch        60
Brian Taylor                 63
Brian Hilbers                63

MASTERS (five)
Tom Butler                 58 for $10
Deano                        62 for $5
Gary Harvey               63
Perry Martin               64
Harold Bercuinas        67

No ACE was hit, so with twelve getting in the fund increases to $327.

League as normal on Memorial Day. Let's all take a minute to reflect today on the fallen service men and women who gave their all for our
freedoms, and those we have known in our lives that have gone ahead of us to life in the spirit.

Please be signed up by 5:45 for the 6:00 tee.

Remember to apply insect repellant. The ticks are in feeding frenzy mode, and our motto of the day is "nobody gets bled".