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If you haven’t made plans to go to Rosedale on the 8th we will be back at Water Works on that same day to finish up the projects that have been started and work on some areas that need some attention.  Here are a few of the highlights:

Weed and mulch the peace sign, tee boxes and pin placements.
Trim bushes along fours fairway and around Terrapin Station.
Remove limbs and leaves on #9 fairway.
Paint o.b. lines, marquee and map board.
Add color with plants.

What we will need:
Rakes of any kind, shovels, weed whackers and lopers.

Most of all we will need people to get the course looking great, not just for this event but for us to enjoy after.

P&R knows about the tree.  If they don't have it done by the 8th, it will get done before the 9th.

need to do inventory on nickel guards and get an order in to derek kotval at dga asap.  played 1 1/2 rounds at ww last week with a new putter and its probably 3 grams lighter following.  coordinate with other cc's to do bulk order.

They are on order Drew.  The tree on 7 is also cut up and ready to be removed or used.

The course looked great this weekend... until the storm hit  :'(


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