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League CANCELLED Tonight - 6/4


Peter Bures:
 The rain shows no sign of stopping,  so we'll cancel until next week when the weather should be much nicer.

 Hope to see you all next week!

Peter Bures:
 Just as I post,  the clouds part and the sun shines.  I'll be out there before 6- if anyone wants to come out for league after all.

 Me and Jon Thomas will be there so we'll just need another person or two for an official league.

(sorry for the mix-up)

Played this course 6/6 - first time since Frostbreaker.  The course is in the best condition I've ever seen it.  Grass was mowed very well, clear cut fairways, tall grass not super ridiculous, not dusty and dry like last year or overly sloppy wet.

I was impressed.


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