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June 6 new players league


Going to be great weather for league tonight. Tee off at 6 pm

Kelly Markum:
Hey Aaron, is there any way a card could wait till 615ish ? I have a buddy who is gona meet me out there but isn't sure he can make it by 6.

I will try. Depends on the numbers and who is there. If I just have one card and everyone is cool with it I will. ( I've held one before and someone got irritated)

Kelly Markum:
Fair enough, either way ill see you out there .

Had 11 show up for another great night.

Aaron S- 55
Kelly M- 56
Anthony M- 56
Ron C- 59
Jeff G- 60
Ben O- 61
Jon C- 62
Jason R- 62
Bobby N- 63
Mick N- 73
Eric N- 78

Next week Bobby volunteered to run league for me so I can register and enjoy the KCWO festivities.


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