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Blue Valley League Night-6/10/13-Wide Open Kickstarter
« on: June 11, 2013, 10:34:25 AM »

Final tabs will be next week on the standings for the initial league of the PDGA league.

We had 23 people start, and 20 finish as the MONSTER known as Big Blue swallowed a few souls out there.  Last look at 9:40 had Ron sending out a rescue party for this buddy Markus who refused to give in to the course when it attempted to eat one of his plastic pieces.

Weather was great, mowers were active, sun was shining, overall a pretty good night for golf.  I cam out in time to get a little help with Swope Gold signage, and place it and then make it back in time to finish up on the league night, and things appeared to be as good as they can be heading into one of the busiest weeks of the year for the course.  If you want to enjoy the park in all its glory, this is the week to do so.  It is looking just fabulous darling, absolutely fabulous!

Enough of the rambles, you are here to read the scores right?  Well the Blackhawks after losing game 3 in LA took the final two games to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals for the second time in the last 4 seasons.  Boston whom many predicted would be flat against the high powered Oofense of the Pens took it to them in great fashion and the table is set where an Indian will be chasing a bear on Ice in June for a chance to drink from a silver chalice.  In other news the corruption known as collusion Heat are tied to the team defined by consistency.  THis person is hoping for another repeat of a Texas team winning in a sport that this one is not so fond of....

Alas already-
Jose Ossa-64=$12
Shanan Carson-65=$9
Dick Parker-68=$2
Steve Timmisch-68=$2
Sean Duggins-68=$2
Matt Crowe-71
John Thomas-71
Edwin Hart-84

Duane Steinholder-68=$8
Ted Keith-76=$3
Paul Stewart-98
Markus Roberts-999

Tyler Matoon-75=$10 KcKash
Ryan Keck-75=$10 KcKash
Tony Burnett-76=$8 KcKash
Chris Buckley-77=$4 KcKash
Jason Gillow-82
Matt Hicks-85
Rob Martin-90
Ryan"you know it, and you knew it would happen" Westa-999
Michael Keizer-999

Lots of people opted out of the ace fund last night, so I will update that a little later.

Next week back at Cliff Drive.
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