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Water Works at dusk = :(


I lost a baby blue GL Saint on #10 at Water Works on Sunday.   I turned it over what I thought was just right, but it never flexed back out.  Just kept turning right and went over the hill crest, so I never saw it land.  It's possible that she glided all the way over to #8.  It was getting late, but I looked until I couldn't see anymore.  She's my go to girl on a lot of drives, but I'm not sure if I've inked her or not.  If I have, it's just on the inside rim.

With all the traffic that will be out there this week, I'm sure someone will find her but since I'm not sure if she's inked I don't know if I should hold out hope.  If anyone hears tell of a baby blue Saint being found, please give me a call at 816-898-6004.  Pick a reward disc or two out of my trunk if you want.  She just needs to come home!

Thanks so much.


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