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I'm finally almost ready to start playing disc golf again after breaking a leg two months ago.  While I was out, I had a few thoughts with regards to this league and the Legacy league.  For whatever reason, we don't get very good turnouts at either one of these leagues.  A few reasons are probably as follows:

1. Continuous shift in who is running the league.  I never see scores posted for either league, so I'm sure some people don't even know that a league is happening or has been happening.
2. Distance - pretty far east side of the city
3. Legacy - Friday nights (IMO) is just not a good league night.  It's the weekend man!  Many people have Friday night plans with friends and family.  This is my main reason for not ever having stepped up to run this league on a consistent basis. 

So, I have a few questions:

1. Why do YOU think these leagues are not well attended?
2. What do YOU think we can do to get more attendance?
3. Would YOU be interested in attending an alternating Legacy/Young Wednesday night league?

Now that I'm married, have a normal schedule, and have a leg that will allow me to get back out on the course, I'd be interested in running an alternating league as mentioned above...but I want to get everyone's thoughts on it first and see what it would take to make this happen.  SO.....let's hear it.

Jordan, I don't play because they are too far east and because it is Friday night.
Alternating on a Weekday night is a good idea, although the too far east is still a problem.

Jake B:
I like the idea, though I probably wouldn't be able to get to Youngs from Olathe before 6. I'm sure it would need board approval. Not sure on that process, but it probably wouldn't happen until 2014.

It's a challenge running league on Friday night, I would prefer this.

With three small kids and with the older two doing sports, I have a hard time making any league regularly.   It doesn't matter whether it's on Wed or Friday.  As for league attendance, consistency is the key.  For Legacy league, we've had a run of consistently bad weather, which got people out of the habit of going to it.  I know there were a few evenings that I would have went, but it was raining.   I don't really know about Blue Springs and why it's not well attended.  Pleasant Hill league attendance has suffered as well.   I attempted earlier this spring to start posting scores, who showed up, etc. but I don't think it mattered much.  Attendance was still meager.           

Mike Hyzer:
I know people don't like Young because it has too many trees in fairways and it's nit a bomber course. That's the complaint I hear most, anyway.
As for Legacy, is that still a doubles league?


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