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Red, White, and Blue Round 7/4 9:00am


Join us at Young park on the 4th of July for a red, white, and blue round at 9 am.  Only discs colored red, white, or blue can be used.  If you use another colored disc, and someone on card catches you, you take a stroke penalty. 
 $5.00 to play, and depending on turnout winner has two options, take the cash payout, or a bumped up store credit to Mile North.
So if 10 play, $50.00 cash will be available, or $70 in store credit.
If 30 play, We will pay out more places, and each will have option of cash or store credit. 1st $80 cash or $110 store credit, 2nd $50 cash or $70 store credit, 3rd $20 or $30 Store credit.

If you have any questions please ask!

The examples are just that, we will tweak payouts depending on number of players.  We will have breakdown of payouts before round starts!



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