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Another Tombstone round 6/30 @ 8:30 AM

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Join us again for another fun round of Tombstone at Yates.  8:30 Tee off.  Due to the playstyle, if a lot of interest is shown, please post.  Several tee times will be needed, 20 people playing at once is beyond silly on this game. 
Tombstone- We have a predetermined number of throws between 40-60, each player plays the course normal, but once they reach the number(of throws), the place a flag (Tombstone) Marking how far they made it through course.

$5.00 to play, and depending on turnout winner has two options, take the cash payout, or a bumped up store credit to Mile North.
So if 10 play, $50.00 cash will be available, or $70 in store credit.
If 30 play, We will pay out more places, and each will have option of cash or store credit. 1st $80 cash or $110 store credit, 2nd $50 cash or $70 store credit, 3rd $20 or $30 Store credit.

Any questions, please ask

How early will you be there and do you have to be present to accept winnings if you win? I have somewhere to be at 10:45, but could swing it probably if I teed off right at 8:30 if not before.

I will be out there start at 8 am.  Will have to send multiple cards out, so as long as one other is present for you to play with, you can get your flag as early as 8.

And winner does not need to be present, just on your flag need name and number.  And relay info and where you ended.  Once we had a leader that was ahead of rest, but had a awkward landing for his last throw, and it went unnoticed.  So, if your first out, when you leave give a heads up to where you made it

Sounds great! I should be there at 8:00 or shortly thereafter with another person. 


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