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Roc V Buzzz 2013 - September 21 @ Swope Park

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one of my fav concepts from ekolk!

--- Quote ---
Roc V Buzzz
September 21st, 2013
Swope Park
25.00 USD
Two rounds of team play
21 holes
Players declare a team- Roc or Buzzz
36 players to each team
72 total players
Any Roc or any Buzzz may be thrown
No other disc type allowed; this is not a putting competition
72 will be the maximum score on the 21 hole layout; this is to minimize outliers
The winning team receives a custom Roc V Buzzz mini disc

What else you ask? Your entry includes two discs- one KC Pro Roc and one Z Buzzz, lunch, beverages, libations, CTPs both rounds and Ring of Fire between rounds. Plus I'll have DJ Tyrone out there spinning records. yes, vinyl records hipsters  ;)

Flyer to follow. This was a great time last year with Team Roc winning by a hair, and without the putter option I expect a more decisive victory this time around, but for which team I can only guess. Get your team together. Oh yeah, I must include the Ossa rule for the CTPs. Lat year, our friend Jose Ossa won every CTP on the course last year. In fact, he won so much-including first place and cash- he gave away a bag he won on the last CTP. So, the Ossa rule is that you may win only one CTP in the Roc V Buzz competition. Just in case Bowen or Murphy or Ossa show up and bomb their Rocs 400+ feet. Yes, there will be some long holes.
Registration to follow next week.
--- End quote ---

I like the way this sounds I like this idea just never participated!!

There is already a Roc Vs Buzzz being worked out by Ekolk. You should probably contact him directly.

The tournament proposal needs to go to the Bod or apporval. But yes, I have a date, Sep. 21, already secured and will have the details posted afer the next BoD meeting after approval.

I like your energy there Danger! The plan for the 1st annual Roc v Buzzz will be similar to last year including a player's pack, lunch, drinks, and games. We had a great ring-of-fire last year and lots-o-winners. This year there will be no stipulations for which buzzz or roc you can throw. Looking like a team event again this year. Details to follow next meeting.

my plan worked, see you in September!


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