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I've been kinda absent on the forums so this might have already been covered, but what happened to the two guardian trees on 16's fairway?


I'm assuming these had to be removed due to that same beetle infestation?  Poor trees  :(  I hugged the one still standing and I think it made him feel better about losing his friends.   

It was either the beetles, drought or root damage but they never came back this year.

How much does it cost to plant a few new trees?  I know that hole is still sloped to add a little difficulty, but those trees MADE that hole tough.

Jake B:
WOW! That sure changes the hole.  :(  I'm glad I can say that got to play it one more time before they were removed.... and birdied it. :)

Yeah. That long position with that tree was probably the best (or among the best) holes on the course. I heard they were hit by lightning. In any case, hopefully something can be done to help make the hole better, still.


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