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Re: 16's fairway
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mike, yes and no about cost of trees.  i bought two 25' London Plane Sycamores last fall for 100 a piece. industry standard is $80 and inch, and the trees i have our 4".  They are kicking ass this summer and doing great.  you just have to shop the nurseries.  sometimes they just want to get rid of the bigger trees.  i planted them myself.  Sycamores are fantastic trees.  i thought i heard that KCMO arborist was against them, not sure though. Maybe wyco is different.  i love them because they are a hardwood, can grow up to 6 ft a year, and the London Plane variety was one of the only trees to have survived in the city of London during the worst of the soot/coal burning.  they can survive heat well and prosper near water since they lack a single tap root and it makes it harder for them to drown in high water tables.

i got a couple pics but do not know how  to get them uploaded.  when you see them, you can't believe they only cost 100.

Wow, nice deal dude. I was thinking the cost of the tree plus someone coming out with a spade and planting them. I think the Sycamore trees around town are beautiful, especially when the leaves are gone and all you see are the white branches.