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WANTED! Glow Gators and 11x Firebirds


Just like the title says.... I would really prefer to trade for them. I have a bunch of stuff so let me know what you are interested in and I'll see what I can turn up for you. I'm not really interested in buying unless someone wants to cut me a really great deal  ;D
...Just looking to pad the backup stash.

I'm still looking for some 11x firebirds... Anyone?

Ken Franks:
i think I have a few 11x Firechickens laying around,  I think they're selling for 30-40$ per...

I might be willing to fork out some cash money for a good one but over $30 is pretty steep for a local pickup for me...  I also have some nice trades if there is anything going you are looking for.
I'd be interested in taking a look at them. 


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