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I love this picture. Everyone looks very concerned. Will looks like a lost, scared child. McBeth knows right where its going. I mean look at all those funny people in there. I bet you know a few of them...

congrats to joe harr, kcfdc inactive member in Montana, big masters win in zoo town!

Greg has nice hair

Arturo has nice putts

Tank has a cool Roc3

Joe has a cute pup

Matt had a sweet moustache

Rick has cool stories

Dick and GI Dave run fun First Friday events

Jat Water makes great bags

Scott runs good tournaments

Dan makes pretty discs

Jake has cool Wizards

Ian makes sweet videos

The efforts of few, and the notion of many help our sport in our community.  Be it as it may those of you that support the club through your membership have helped to make KC disc golf one of the best places in the world to play the sport.  We are truly blessed even with our own little bickering at times to be in the hotbed of disc golf.  The reasons we are all here is because of you reading this, and making a difference when you play. 

Help where you can, and work on what you can, or support how you can, but realize that you do make a difference and for that I am thankful to be around the best place to enjoy our sport.

Now if we could only get Mountains and the Ocean to come into play on our courses here.....if you can do that, you would be my hero.

Thank you to the tireless efforts of many that don't boast their work out on this forum, you know who you are, or you may not, because you aren't on here.  This club is celebrating close to 30(oops, how about 3 decades of arguments and frustrations, as well as great traditions and friendships, some come and some go and come back, but overall the scene in KC is one that we can all be proud of.

It didn't start with me, it won't end with me, but what it should continue to do is to bring great individuals together to make a difference in our sport.  Unified as a group of like minded individuals even with individualistic ideals and beliefs we can make it better in town, and I trust that even by reading this you have that power within you.

The goal is simple, to continue to make our sport better and more enjoyable for people of all ages.  To challenge ourselves day in and day to be a better group of collective individuals towards that goal, and to maintain the decorum needed to make it happen.  Many in our community do that daily, for that we are a positive group!


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