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Rules: Are the PDGA rules generally to be observed during each round

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I thought I would throw out this topic to some of the more experienced players out there to see how everyone handles this.  Here is some background on me and the group of people I usually play with.  I have only been playing the sport for a few years, and started playing with the goal of having fun, and doing something healthier than sitting on the couch.  When I started I didn't have a clue what I was doing, often throwing putters off the tee, and drivers on the approach.  I threw multiple discs per lie, played the disc where it lied, used gimmie's etc... as things have progressed and my skill level has increased as well as my knowledge of the sport, I began playing more legit.  By legit I mean, no mulligans, keeping score, etc... Naturally as my group also increased in skill level (we all started playing about the same time) we began getting more competitive, to the point now where we all have Bag Tags, play in tourneys, play 3-4 times a week, etc... 

While I am by no means a professional disc golfer, I have joined the PDGA and the KCFDC and have read the PDGA rule book.  Here is the 6 million dollar question:

Are PDGA rules generally to be applied during each round of golf, be it casual, league, or tournament?  I.E. if five or six guys play regularly and we are playing competitively (Tags) should all the PDGA rules be enforced? 

The following scenario developed during a recent casual but competitive round: Player 1 throws OB on the very first throw of the game.  The other players note this is OB, enforce the penalty stroke and drop/re-throw.  Later on during the round, player 1 notices the other players throwing out of turn.  Player 1 gives a warning not to throw out of turn.  Subsequent violations are also noted, and further warnings are given.  Several holes later, player 1 throws into a tree and has to spend a few minutes looking for his disc.  Instead of helping the player look for his disc since he is obviously the away player, the other players continue to play the hole ahead of the away player, thus throwing out of turn.  Since multiple warnings had been given, Player 1 calls for a penalty stoke to be assessed to the players who had violated the courtesy rule of throwing out of turn.  Instead of accepting the extra stroke, the other players decline this penalty stroke and bring up excuses such as "we are not PDGA members", "this is not a tournament", "the rules were not announced prior to the beginning of the round", etc...  basically whining :) 

Technically I could have actually enforced any number of other courtesy rules for "throwing minis", "advancing on the fairway beyond the away player", "practice throws" (throwing multiple discs from the same lie (non announced provisional throws)) or "shouting".

The way I see it, since we were playing a competitive round, PDGA rules should have been in effect (OB is always enforced, why not other PDGA rules).   

Just curious how other players observe the rules.  Does everyone announce that PDGA rules are in play?  If they are not announced, are none enforceable; including OB?  Again, I'm talking about competitive rounds where there is something at stake such as tags, not practice rounds. 

Tracy is correct.  However, if you are playing for Tags, or truly pride, then rules should be adhered to.  THat being said, there is also the concept of "flow of the game" where as it is permissible to throw out of turn essentially by the players for the speed of the game.  Also in the result of a lost disc, it is the responsibility of everyone to look for the disc.

Generally speaking when I play casual rounds, you play by the rules.  When you throw that "extra shot" it doesn't count, only your first throw counts, the exception in most cases is 2 off the FIRST tee, which is declared openly by the entire group.

Most importantly HAVE FUN though is the correct response......

The short answer for your question, is no for casual rounds even for bag tags not all PDGA rules should be enforced.  You can if you want, but I don't thinks it necessary or fun.  For casual rounds, most that I play with have a more casual stance on rules too.  Marking with a mini or leaving the disc is less strict.  If someone flips their disc instead or if it's a gimme and don't mark their disc at all, I don't worry about it.  OB is always OB, but you must decide what is and isn't before the round is started or at least the hole has been played.  A group of friends playing together should always be courteous, but I don't think it's appropriate to call for strokes for courtesy violations.  If it bothers you if one of your friends plays out of turn or some other courtesy violation, say something to them and if they don't stop, don't continue to play with them.   What if I decide to drink a beer during a round?  That's a violation of PDGA rules.  If you and I were playing a casual round (or league round for that matter) and you tell me you are going to stroke me for drinking a beer, guess what I'm not going to want to play with you.  I've played rounds were bag tags were in play and we all threw extra shots.  Either trying new discs, different lines, or mad at  missed putt.  The first shot is the one that counts, the rest are just for fun, which is the point.   I usually ask first though. 

If I'm playing for bag tags, these are the rules I normally play by.  Define OB/Mandos (with additional strokes in play), no mulligans (first shot counts), correct stance (no stepping to the side or around a tree to get a better lie, you play it where it's suppose to be played), and for lost discs (strokes added, but don't limit looking to 3 minutes.  I will help a friend look for a lost disc until he decides we can't find it).  There's probably something else I am missing, but those are generally the rules we go by.  But any of those can be decided by a group vote.  Remember this all for fun.  Go out and have some. 

What Eric says.

For casual play with somewhat serious players (anyone that also plays league, PDGA member, plays tournies), actual rules of play (think of moving violations in an automobile) are followed.  Courtesy issues (think of road rage, stopping to help a flat tire,etc.) are not followed.  I don't smoke anything.  You want to smoke something, whatever, just don't blow it in my face.  You want to cuss like a sailor, I'll put up with it to a point, but if you act like a spoiled brat all the time, or complain about your wife and kids every time we play (a co-worker), I stop asking you to play DG.

Moving violations are not ok.  Have a proper stance, no falling puts, etc.

Now with newbies - all rules are 'suggestions' until they want to learn more.

Thanks for the input.  I am not talking about tournament specific rules, such as no drinking, no smoking etc...  I'm talking about PDGA rule book rules.  PDGA actually has a rule about smoking, under courtesy.  Just make sure it doesn't bother anyone.  I don't say anything about drinking, but I know PDGA sanctioned tourneys have a no drinking/no smoking rule to try and make the event more "family friendly" which is cool with me, for tourney play. 

Here is what I would say are the three major types of rounds and how I think the rules should apply by default.  Any deviation from this should be announced before play.  I.E. casual but tags, tags but OB only, etc..  that way everyone is aware. 

1) Casual/Practice rounds - Rules don't need to be applied, tags are not up for play.  This is what I would say is for trying out new discs, new throws, learning a course, etc... 

2) Competitive rounds - Tags are up for play, PDGA rules apply.  This is what I would say is for league, money, pride/bragging rights etc...

3) Official Play - Tags are up for play, all PDGA rules apply as well as any special tournament rules

I agree that this is about having fun, but I think most Men are competitive by nature.  No offense to the competitive Women out there, I know my wife can be just as competitive as I am, if not more.  I just think that when Men get together it's amplified.


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