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07-01-13 PC MINI


Eleven out for a really nice evening on the Prairie. The grass was mowed and the park looked really nice. No ACE hit, so with all in the fund increases to $347.

OPEN (eleven)
Tom Butler             55 for $11.50
Bryan Guthrie         55 for $11.50
Brian Corneilius      57 for $5
Brian Taylor           57 for $5
Steve Thimmesch   59
Andy Lewis             60
Matt Jenkins           61
Jeff Ozorkiewicz      64
Deano                    65
Anthony Pfeifer       66
Gary Harvey           66

Monday, July 8 I will be in Emporia for Worlds. I'm attempting to arrange for someone to run league as normal, so it shoud be business as usual.

Bryan Guthrie renewed his KCFDC membership on this night.


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