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Is there a thread with info on DD tags/who is possession of which? or is that taboo topic because we are on a kcfdc forum?

Shakespeare  8)

Starting a thread about DD tags is completely PC. It's encouraged. You're not selling anything and it's certainly disc golf related. If your thread is too taboo, we'll remove it :D

Yes. They will.  :P :-\ 8) :o

ty for clarifying. Im assuming that there IS NOT an existing thread or alternate site to view who has what DD tagwise. Hopefully this is not due to lack of interest. I'll test the waters by throwing my 2 cents in and taking initiative. I currently carry #25 which i won off of David Leonard at the Paradise Diamond. Sucessfully defended it twice in league and in the Mighty MO. Havent had the opportunity to snag a lower # just yet.


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