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7/8/13 League


Flying J:
Although Jack is in Emporia this week, we will still play league today at Cliff Drive. 

6 pm tee off. 

If people show up

Flying J:
Five of us showed up to play Kansas City's most complete course.  Played all the nickel pin placements and had a great time. The most dramatic hole of the day was 17, basket on the island green.  Kevin Corbett's second throw smacked the curb on entry and stayed out.  Not quite matching that heartbreak was my second throw hitting the light pole and bouncing back O.B.  Kevin dropped in his putt for a nasty 5 and I dropped my putter in the basket for a lovely 6 after my putt for 5 cut through from 12 feet away.
Beckett's adventure came on holes 11 and 12 where he miraculously saved two bogeys. 

1st.   Jose Ossa         (28268)   57  ...  $12 
T-2   Kevin Corbett    (17588)    59 ... $8  (wins cash on a CTP playoff)
T-2   Beckett Carduff (12330)    59
T-2   Scott Melrose    (27493)    59
5th   Bill Shinoski      (52803)    71   

Jack, we all played in the same division for payout but Bill lists himself as Advanced.

Thanks for running the Liga, Jose. I've hit that silly pole from the DROPZONE! ugh!


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