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Range Finder Needed!!


The Bird Father:
Anyone willing to take a range finder out to the Lake and shoot distances on the existing 18 baskets?

Post them here if you do!!

Please....Thank You!

private call made....

When are you going out jack? I would like to join you and learn if possible.

The Bird Father:
Range finder in hand....going to be out there after work if anyone wants to help...large white flat objects work best for the finder to shoot.  Also bring weed eaters and brush clippers if you want to work on holes 10 & 4

Just dropped off the range finder, not planning on doing the hard work. :-[
I appreciate all the work that has gone on out there though and look forward to playing it when it should be completed.  You know when pads are in, tee signs, pin placements, and it all comes together.  Doesn't that take like 5 yrs?  Or is that just the KCMO park that I did that too?

'Doh!!!! ;D

The work that has gotten done out there is exceptional based on what I have seen and read.  I look forward to getting out there soon to play it and add another fine specimen of disc golf underneath my pelt of courses played.


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