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Northeast League July 15th 2013

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Someone drove their other car in today to work and left the worksheet in the other vehicle.

I know that Eric Kuitunen from Minnesota came in and shot the hot round of 51, stepping over CD who had a solid 52, Eric's sole blemish was a 5 on the island #17.  Jose came in third with a 57, I shot a 58, as did George Rousis, Beckett a 59, I think that Melrose shot a 61, Kelly Warren shot a 63, Edwin a 68, and Tom Jones a 69 after coming back to disc golf after 10 yrs.  His "newest" plastic in the bag was a couple of Blizzard discs he bought last week, otherwise he had this thing called a Champion Edition Firebird in his bag as his latest disc....Had some trouble over powering the blizzard, but I think that he is going to be around again for awhile now!

Ryan Keck shot a solid 57 in the Adv men and Bill Shinoski wasn't able to beat that on the night, so Ryan took home top honors in that division for the night.

Once I get the information accurately from the element, then I will upload this week and last week's results for the ratings.

It was a good night to be out golfing!  I hope you made it out, the rest of the week looks to be a hot one!

Flying J:
Fun league last night.

BTW, Edwin shot a 69.


--- Quote from: Flying J on July 16, 2013, 11:12:18 AM ---Fun league last night.

BTW, Edwin shot a 69.

--- End quote ---

Ouch Jose, give him the 68 for crying out loud!!  8)

Flying J:
If I can erase my bogey on 18 and change my score to a 56 then yeah, 68 for Edwin :)


WOW!  Looking at the scores the previous week you can see just how much the propagators influence the ratings.  Jose shot a 57 both last week and this week yet the difference is 31 points off.  Lets look at this a little more.....Average rating on the 7/8 league night was-939.75 and the average on Monday was 868.2....THe only person whose rating I don't have access to is Beckett, but the last time I checked, I think that he was above 970, so these averages are missing him. It is amazing to me that the ratings truly are only based on the others playing that night, and doesn't really account for anything other than numeration components.  I kept thinking about this at Worlds, as the ratings seemed so low in so many cases for our divisions based on other divisions scoring, and yet again for some silly reason I am surprised.

Argh, you know I have beaten this thing to death about ratings over the years, and still can't seem to fathom how this is the model we use. Our sport has came a long way, and we will continue to move forward.  This though is about the most stagnant part of our sport now, as this is over a decade now and little modification to make it more fluid and accurate.  That is something that I think we should be looking at to help.

Regardless, we had a great night out there on the course.  Eric came in and kicked some booty.   
No Ace was hit so the Ace Fund moves to $395 for next week.
Name      Score   Rating   Payout
Eric Kuitunen   51   1017    Won $14
Duane CD Steiner   52   1008   Won $9
Jose Ossa   57   960   Won $7
George Rousis   58   951   
Jack Lowe   58   951   
Beckett Carduff   59   941   
Kelly Warren   61   922   
Scott Melrose   63   904   
Tom Jones   68   856   
Edwin Hart   69   847   

Ryan Keck   57   960   Won $5 KcKash
Bill Shinoski   67   866   


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